our process: 01


During our discovery period, we learn exactly what you need from your parts. We want to give you the best quality parts made specifically to order. Our complete manufacturing to delivery process lets you minimize your total investment.

  • Discuss your parts needs
  • Type, materials, size and quantities

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Sometimes specific materials aren’t available, so we translate your needs into what we can create. We may need to change things up, like paint or material thickness, to get the parts right.

  • Compare needs with what can be created
  • Set expectations for end results

our process: 03


Our services span from consultation through creation and logistics. We want you to fully understand each process and know exactly where your parts are along the way.

  • Facilities, tooling, quality control and testing
  • Type, materials, size and quantities
  • Inspection, warehousing and transportation

our process: 04


We give you a totally transparent quote that lists every step your part will touch. We want you to feel comfortable with our processes and know exactly what to expect when you give approval.

  • Customer requests quote
  • Discuss best approach with our facilities
  • Submit a detailed, transparent quote for approval

our process: 05

Tooling Creation

After we submit the purchase order to our facilities, production begins on the casting. You will receive a sample and a full layout report with measurements before we move onto machining.

  • Discuss your parts needs
  • Type, materials, size and quantities
  • Provide a layout report and sample to customer

our process: 06


Once the sample is approved, we enter into full production of the parts. Each one is machined to specs, quality control checked and packaged for you.

  • Parts are machined to specs
  • Move on to packaging

our process: 07


Prior to sending parts through customs, we pass them through our own separate inspection facility. We ensure they meet the regulations to pass through ports when shipping to you.

  • Send parts to our inspection facility
  • Inspected parts made ready for shipping

our process: 08


To help you save costs, we also offer logistics services such as warehousing and inventory management. We hold them and ship as needed so they don’t sit on your shelf too long.

  • Offer warehousing and inventory management
  • Handle customs and alert of issues through ports
  • Deliver parts to customer
  • Total investment management for better cost efficiencies

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